Adam has been around for the birth of several sports in his time as a competative athlete, from the early days of snowboarding in the 80's Adam and his brothers adapted Waterskis in to makeshift snowboards and witnessed the explosion of modern day snowboarding. Windsurfing came at the age of 11 on the frigid lakes in Alberta, and expanded to  "The Gorge"  where Adam trained in the summer,  and would eventually meet his wife.

A tour in the Canadian Military opened Adams eyes to several new sports, and a new outlook on training.  A succesful military athlete Adam won awards all around the world in Biathalon, Pole vault and for holds records for his prowess on the obstacle course.

Kitesurfing happened one day at the Hatchery where Adam witnessed Lou Waiman and Eliot Leboe in thier first atempt to kite at in Hood River, and knew he needed to get involved. After a snowy winter in of learning Kitesurfing on the frozen lakes in Canada Adam hit the scene in Maui and Hood River and traveled to Europe competing and judgeing events as the sport grew like wild fire. And now SUP yet another, this time together wife now wife Veronica Nava, the two have pioneered the sport in Mexico and now combine all of thier passions and Watersport knowledge into "Pacific Paddle Surf" and in 5 years have grown into Mexico's number one SUP dealer.




Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Canadian CitizenĀ 

Lives in Bucerias Mexico

Founder Pacific Paddle

Adam Finer_SUP_Surfs_in_Punta_Mita